ZviZZer Contest Promo2
You think you are one of the best car detailers?
You want to show how much creativity is in you?
You have a strong community in the social networks?

Then apply for the ZviZZer Photo Contest and win € 500 for 1st place.

What do you have to do?

1. Upload your favorite photo artwork.
2. Describe your picture in a few short sentences.
3. Invite your friends and contacts to tag your photo.

The application phase runs until 24.5.2018!

From 25.5.2018 to 30.6.2018 your photo can be tagged.

The photo with the most ratings at the end of the contest period wins 500, – EUR

ZviZZer Photo Contest

Rules & Prizesx

Conditions of participation for the photo competition "Art of ZviZZer"

In the period from 5.05.2018 to 30.06.2018 " fpm – foam, parts & more GmbH, An der Schmiraer Grenze 17, 99094 Erfurt " (hereafter referred to as "ZviZZer") will be holding the photo competition "Art of ZviZZer" for the award of 1 Main prize in the total value of 500.00 Euro.

Individuals can apply to the photo competition "Art of ZviZZer".

Internet users decide on the awarding of the main prize with a total value of € 500.00 by voting on the Internet in the period from 25.05.2018, 9:00 am to 30.06.2018, 12:00 pm.

The main prize goes to the first-place winner, who received the most votes when voting on the Internet.

For the participation and realization of the photo competition "Art of ZviZZer" the present conditions of participation apply.

I. Conditions of participation for the photo competition "Art of ZviZZer"

1. Eligible applicants ("candidates")

At the photo competition "Art of ZviZZer" only persons can participate as applicants

a) who accept and comply with the present conditions of participation.
ZviZZer reserves the right to exclude applicants in justified individual cases for objective reasons, in particular for the purpose of proper implementation, from participating in the photo competition "Art of ZviZZer".

2. Eligible pictures and photos ("Photo applications")

2. Eligible pictures and photos ("Photo applications")

a) Each participant can only apply with one (1) specific photo (one photo per applicant). The photo must show why the applicant is one of the best car detailers.
b) However, if several photos of a person are received by ZviZZer, only the first proper application will be eligible.
c) The submission of an application may only be made by a real person.
d) Inadmissible and excluded from participation are in particular applications and photos with the following contents:
i) Political or religious statements.
ii) National Socialist or Communist propaganda.
iii) racist or inhumane statements.
iv) Pornographic or sexually offensive content or images.
v) calls for violations of law or law.
vi) glorification of violence or calls for violence.
vii) discrimination, defamation, insult of persons, associations etc.
(viii) calls for abuse of drugs, medicine, medicines, etc.
ix) trade in organs, weapons, radioactive substances or similar
x) Promotion of commercial products.
xi) any photographs and images of persons, products, brands, companies that have not consented to the participation in the photo contest "Art of ZviZZer" and / or whose express approval for publication is not available or have been agreed with the applicant in writing and by contract.

II. Application procedure and application process

1. Participation in the photo competition "Art of ZviZZer" can only be done online via the website https://www.zvizzer.com.
2. The deadline for applications is 24.05.2018, 12:00.
3. To participate as an applicant, the application form on the website https://www.zvizzer.com (the "Internet Application") must be completed in full and truthfully and sent to ZviZZer, including a title and a description of the specific photo ,
4. The applications will be published to ZviZZer at the latest at the beginning of the voting phase on April 25st, 2018, 9:00 am. An application list will be kept on the website https://www.zvizzer.com where the respective applications will be published in the order in which they are received by ZviZZer in accordance with the information given by the candidates.
If and to the extent that the application contains personal data, ZviZZer will only provide it for publishing purposes.
5. By submitting the photo to ZviZZer, each applicant irrevocably agrees to a publication of the photo on the Internet, in particular on facebook in the ZviZZer own facebook channel, on Instagram in the ZviZZer's own ZviZZer channel and on the homepage of ZviZZer.
6. For the publication of the photo on facebook as well as on Instagram, the respective terms of use of facebook and Instagram apply, which can be viewed and retrieved on the internet pages "www.facebook.com" and "www.instagram.com".
7. ZviZZer points out that with the publication of the photos on facebook and on Instagram, a grant of rights of use (non-exclusive license) is automatically linked to facebook and Instagram. The scope, content and further details of this granting of rights result from the aforementioned respective terms of use of facebook or Instagram.
8. ZviZZer further points out that the publication of the photos on facebook and on Instagram leads to exploitation by third parties, like e.g. Downloads, modifications, disfigurements or other uses that may be outside of ZviZZer's control.
9. Photo Contest "Art of ZviZZer" is in no way sponsored, supported or organized by facebook and / or Instagram and has no affiliation with facebook and / or Instagram. The participants provide the information they provide not facebook or Instagram, but ZviZZer.
10. ZviZZer is entitled but not obliged to check the photos. An editing of the photos by ZviZZer does not take place. Photos, which violate the conditions of participation, can be rejected or deleted by ZviZZer at any time. Applicants will be informed by ZviZZer.


III. Conditions for the photos

Part of every application is the description of the specific photo. Participants in the Photo Competition "Art of ZviZZer" are self-produced and / or privately produced photos, which fulfill the following conditions:
1. The photos may have a maximum size of two (2) MB. Best size is Full HD 1920x1080)
2. The photos must be submitted in a common and readable format (e.g. .jpg, .png).
3. The photos must be self-produced or privately produced, that is, the photos may not be taken or taken from a foreign professional production.
4. Photographs that have already been used in other competitions are not admitted to the photo contest "Art of ZviZZer".
5. Furthermore, photos with contents that are untrue and / or violate applicable laws or third-party rights are also not allowed.
This applies in particular to privacy rights of third parties (in particular right to one's own image) and to industrial property rights of third parties such as trademark rights, design rights, utility model rights, copyrights, patent rights and trade secrets.


IV. Vote on the applications / photos

1. The voting on the Internet about the applications / photos for the award of the main prize will take place in the period from 25.05.2018, 9:00 clock to 30.06.2018, 12:00 clock.
2. Eligible to vote on the Internet about the project applications are all users of the Internet application who have a device that is operated via an Internet service provider.
3. To vote, the eligible user must select his favorite photos in the context of the Internet application confirm his selection.
4. Only one vote that can not be repeated, changed or withdrawn can be handed over to each device.
5. By the above-mentioned voting on the Internet, one (1) winner will be determined.
6. The first winner will receive a prize amount of 500.00 Euro.
8. In case of a tie, the lot decides.
9. Legal recourse is excluded.
10. The winners of the project donations will be announced on July 1st, 2018. The winner will be notified by ZviZZer.
11. The current status of votes can be requested via the internet application.

VI. Handover of the prizes

1. The handover and transfer of the prize by ZviZZer to the winner will be made by bank transfer after confirmation of the account details.
2. ZviZZer is entitled to obtain a confirmation of the winning prize from the winner after the completion of the Photo Competition "Art of ZviZZer" and to report on this in words and pictures, also as part of a new edition of the Photo Contest "Art of ZviZZer" or comparable follow-up actions. The winners can provide ZviZZer with text and image material on a voluntary basis. It is solely at the discretion of ZviZZer, whether and to what extent this material is used by ZviZZer, e.g. on the ZviZZer homepage, on the ZviZZer own Facebook applications or in the ZviZZer own Instagram channels.

VII. General provisions, granting of rights of use, rights guarantee, exemption and data protection

1. Each applicant and participant in the photo competition "Art of ZviZZer" assures with his / her participation that the information given by him is given to the best of his or her knowledge and belief. The applicant is solely responsible for the correctness of his application and the information provided. With the participation in the photo competition "Art of ZviZZer", the applicant accepts the entire responsibility for the accuracy of his project application and other information.
2. Any applicant participating in the photo contest "Art of ZviZZer"
ZviZZer irrevocably and gratuitously grants the non - exclusive, temporally, materially and spatially unlimited and transferable rights to all documents and materials submitted to ZviZZer including texts, pictures / photos and project videos including the transfer / submission, the documents and materials in the To use, reproduce, distribute, exploit and publish the scope of application, application, review and documentation of the Photo Contest "Art of ZviZZer" and any follow-up actions in all currently known and future types of use as well as the rights of use granted or exploited entirely or partly to third parties or to third parties.
3. Every applicant who participates in the photo contest "Art of ZviZZer" guarantees that
a) er durch keine anderweitigen Bindungen gehindert ist, an dem Foto Wettbewerb „Art of ZviZZer "and submit an application,
b) he owns all rights, including the rights of all contributors and participants in the submitted documents and materials (texts, images / photos and project videos), which are for the rights granted to ZviZZer in accordance with section VII.
2. and the publication and use of documents and materials are required,
c) that the documents and materials submitted by him to ZviZZer, including texts, pictures / photos and project videos, do not infringe the rights of third parties, in particular, no privacy rights of third parties,
d) and otherwise rights of third parties to the granting of rights to ZviZZer as well as the publication and use of the submitted documents and materials including texts, pictures / photos and project videos.
4. Any applicant participating in the "Art of ZviZZer" Photo Contest shall indemnify ZviZzer for all claims of third parties, including the costs of legal advice, prosecution and legal defense arising from third parties claiming against ZviZZer, which contradict the above rights warranty.
5. The ZviZZer Privacy Policy (available at www.zvizzer.com) will be used in the "Art of ZviZZer" Photo Contest. Any information provided by a candidate and / or participant in ZviZZer's voting in the Art of ZviZZer Photo Contest will only be used for correspondence with the candidate and / or participant in the voting, except as provided in these Terms of Participation or processed for the purpose for which they were provided to ZviZZer. After completion of the photo competition "Art of ZviZZer", all data provided during the voting will be deleted. Furthermore, the data will not be disclosed to third parties. Exception: external order data processor that ZviZZer has used to fulfill its obligations in accordance with § 11 BDSG (see privacy policy).
6. ZviZZer is entitled to prematurely terminate the Photo Contest "Art of ZviZZer" or to complete it in ways other than those described in the Conditions of Participation, if the intended implementation, for example due to technical or other imperative external circumstances, can not take place ,
7. German law applies.

Place of fulfillment and jurisdiction is, as far as legally permissible, Erfurt.

Erfurt, in May 2018

fpm – foam, parts & more GmbH