Paint Ceramic Coat


Paint Ceramic Coat


3 years or 30,000 km protection

Paint Ceramic Coat

ZviZZer Paint Ceramic Coat is the hardest hybrid silicon / polymer hard coating from ZviZZer and is designed to protect paint surfaces optimally and permanently, with moderate workload. The molecular matrix structure forms a wafer-thin anti-adhesive layer that is strong and hard in its capacity.

The high-performance particles combine chemically with the surface and settle on the paint pores. They form after curing a high gloss protective layer. This very simple way of surface optimization protects the paint from damage such as oxidation, salt, acids and insects.

Due to the coating with ZviZZer Paint Ceramic Coat, the clear coat becomes harder and scratch-resistant (about 60-65%) than conventional paints thanks to the high-performance particles on the surface. In particular, the new environmentally friendly, water-soluble paints are very soft in their composition. Even if you only wash your vehicle by hand, after some time, corresponding signs of wear and tear develop. With ZviZZer Paint Ceramic Coat, these are minimized or even prevented.

ZviZZer Paint Ceramic Coat prevents corrosive and acidic products in the pH range of 3-12 from attacking the clearcoat. ZviZZer Paint Ceramic Coat guarantees that painted surfaces retain their original appearance over time. The product is yellowing and abrasion resistant. The product docks directly to the paint molecule, improves the surface in its dirt-repellent property and forms a wafer-thin anti-adhesion protective layer. ZviZZer Paint Ceramic Coat deepens the shine and color of the surface extremely.

What you need

Paint Ceramic Coat

Clean Top

Polishing pad (blue/stable hard)


How to use Glass Coat

We recommend to use Nitril-gloves for protection of your skin!

Wash Applicator Cloths as well as all microfiber cloths prior to using them. All accessories have to be dry when used.


1Prepare the surface using CLEAN TOP.

2Wrap the application cloth around the applicator.

3Apply 12-18 drops of product to the application cloth and apply quickly and evenly to the surface until a film is visible. Follow this step on small surface sections no larger than 60 cm x 60 cm.

4Leave the product to evaporate for 1-3 minutes or polish immediately.

5Remaining product residue can be removed using a microfibre cloth. Start at the edges of the coating and work inwards using straight and rapid movement.

6Using a clean microfibre cloth polish the surface. Start at the edges of the coating and work inwards using a circular motion; do not over apply pressure to the surface during this operation.

7Any visible smearing can be polished out using a microfibre cloth (5 Pack), check the surface with a light source to ensure quality control of the application.

8Should a higher level of protection be required, then after 25 minutes an additional coat can be applied, do not wait longer than 40 minutes to perform this additional coating operation.


Keep away from heat, hot surfaces, sparks, naked flames and all other sources of ignition. Do not smoke when using the product. Keep the container closed tight. Always wear appropriate safety clothing and eye protection. After use always wash your hands. Should the product come in contact with your eyes then rinse your eyes for at least one minute with clean water. If using contact lenses then remove them, ensuring that your fingers are clean, and rinse your eyes for a further one minute with clean water. If the eye irritation persists then seek immediate medical attention. Seek help when the product has come in contact with skin or hair. All contaminated clothes must be removed immediately. Rinse skin and hair with water, preferably in a shower to remove all traces of the product. Disposal of the product container(s) must comply with the regional, national and international regulations. Keep out of the reach of children. Always read the safety instructions before using the product. Do not put the product into body orifices. Keep out of the reach of individuals with mental disabilities.


Do not apply the product or leave to dry in direct sunlight.


Fluid and vapors burn easily. This product can cause severe irritation of the eyes should they come in contact with the product.


If you have any questions about our products or need support, please contact us.