Glass effect training

Glass Effect training so that you can learn to perform high-end detailing jobs (removing orange peel for a mirror effect gloss), you can perfect your detailing technique and knowledge. But also to review all the technical insights that will allow you to maximize the efficiency of ZviZZer detailing materials.


The ZviZZer Stage 1 Glass Effect workout provides a basic understanding of body performance while using detailed products.

What really happens to body paint when you heat it up? How many microns of paint should you polish? Which product is best to remove every blemish? o What are the differences between the different polishes or sponges on the market? All these questions and much more, answered from a technical and practical point of view.

  • 1 day training
  • Attendance Certification
  • Starter kit included
  • Different locations around Europe


ZviZZer Stage 2 is an advanced course where ZviZZer Experts teach students to improve their technique and get more profitability from their detailing work.

We delve into tricks and ways to perfect the detailing professionals in their daily lives. Our experts from different countries will help you optimize your time and properly budget the jobs to be more efficient and earn more money..

How long does it take to remove a deep scratch? How much product you’ll use when applying the protection? How to sand the bodywork without damaging the surface? Is there a one step product useful for quick and quality works?

For all these questions we have the right answers, because the process of grinding involves many risks and dangers and can irrevocably destroy painted surfaces.

  • 1 day training
  • Attendance Certification
  • Authorised Detailer Plaque
  • Different locations around Europe

Learning with the ZviZZer experts not only gives you the opportunity to grow professionally. You will also win in professional recognition(link a lista de detailers por países).

Professionals who attend our courses at any of the ZviZZer Training Centers in Europe will be able to obtain this certificate, after attending the course and paying its cost (link to a page with a map of countries).

This certificate recognizes the successful completion of the course. And it allows the professional to be recognized by the rest of his colleagues in the sector and of course his clients.

"ZviZZer Glass Effect stands for absolutely flat paint and maximum gloss"

Expert Training

The most advanced level of ZviZZer Trainning is the expert level. Expert Trainings train the student not only to be an advanced professional in detailing but also to teach other professionals.

It is the perfect course for those professionals who want to add value to their company. Either teaching the clients (other detailing professionals) the best techniques and tricks of car care or to train the employees to improve their business tasks.