Tools and accesories

Microfiber cloth


40X40 CM/ 300 GSM
ZviZZer Microfiber Cloths are the perfect asset for a flawless detailing work. Microfiber cloths 40 x 40 cm are available in each of the polish colors. ZviZZer Microfiber cloths are designed to easily clean surfaces where different polishes have been used. It is also helpful for distinguish the cloths used for cleaning waxes, sealants and ceramics. ZviZZer color system help professionals removing different imperfections without mixing the different materials. Blue, red, orange, yellow and green colormatch with Polish colors and We recommend to use different microfiber cloths to clean different materials, while removing different imperfections. For example: so you don’t mix the cloth for the HC5000 with the cloth that you’ll use with the FC200. If using the same cloth, you may mix polishes and the result won’t be as expected.


Professional surface cleaner for degreasing and neutralization of painted surfaces before wax or ceramic coat application.

Moreover, removes polishing compound residues and eases the final inspection process.

Efficient: 10-15 ml/ m2.