PC 5000

To remove

Deep scratches

Application with

Polishpad (blue/stable hard)

New ZviZZER Mini PADS for polishing hard-to-reach places and decorations in vehicle interiors.

New format, same pad!

The new ZviZZer Mini Pads keep the characteristics of the rest of Zvizzer range. Small but unique in its stability even after warm-up. The high density of open cells on each pad guarantees to keep the strength even after heating.

The backguarded velcro assures the fastening of the pad to the polishing machine.

Zvizzer Mini Pads are available in 5 level of abrasiveness/hardness and two sizes; 15mm and 25mm diameter and 9mm thick.

Advantages of ZviZZer Mini Pads

  • Small size to polish the tiniest and hard- to-reach details of the car
  • Cutting foam pad for eccentric and rotating movement
  • Removes strong scratches in combination with ZviZZer precut paste
  • Very resistant due to high density of open cells
  • Easy to clean with a brush, air or washing
  • High quality product, Made in Germany

How to clean Mini PADS

To extend the life of Mini Pads we recommend cleaning after every use with water and pads cleaner and let to dry. Always use clean pads when polishing as, the remains of polishing pastes can scratch the surface. Change the pad frequently to always use clean pads.

Product Filling quantity in ml Art. Nr
PC 5000 Pre Cut 750 ml ZV-PC5000750
PC 5000 Pre Cut 250 ml ZV-PC5000250

Polishing pad (blue/stable hard)


Recommended use with

Exclusive formula to use in combination with ZviZZer polish pastes. ZviZZer mini pads are made with the same formula as the rest of ZviZZer foam pads. To keep the foam properties, we recommend to use them with Zvizzer Polishes, depending on the cut level desired.

Please note other brands polish pastes contain solvents which will shorten ZviZZer pads as the foam will strip from the backguard velcro.

Choose colored microfibers for each color of polishes and pads.

We recommend to use different microfiber cloths to clean different materials, while removing different imperfections.

For example: so you don't mix the cloth for the HC5000 with the one that you'll use with the FC200. If using the same cloth, you may mix polishes and the result won’t be as expected.



STANDARD Polishpad (blue/stable hard)

With rounded working edge and bachwarded Velcro.

TRAPEZ Polishpad (blue/stable hard)

With inner hole and bachwarded Velcro.

EDGE pads

With inner hole and bachwarded Velcro.


With inner hole and bachwarded Velcro.