Heavy Cut

HC 4000

HC 4000

To remove

Heavy scratches

Application with

Polishpad (red/hard)

Coarse-grained, modern grinding polish for fast processing of heavily weathered paints. Due to the amount and the very homogenous abrasive grain, this sanding polish ensures a fast and high sanding performance for the reliable removal of scratches and sanding marks from a grain size of P1500.

CTA: With high density of aluminoxid

Zvizzer PC 4000 can be used on all existing paints. Including scratch-resistant, fresh and hardened paint. Thanks to the aluminoxid quality and quantity, dust is reduced to minimum and the polish effectiveness increases.

Water- based polishes

ZviZZer polishing formula is unique. PC4000 is, as the rest of ZviZZer polishing pastes, water based and free . It has been designed to apply with Zvizzer Hard pads (red) and to protect them and make them last longer. As the water-based polishing paste does not contain solvents, it does not damage the Pads not removes the velcro from the foam.

Advantages PC5000 Pre Cut Scratch Remover

  • Minimum Dust
  • Additional cut due to the high proportion of aluminoxid
  • Speeds up work by 30%
  • Water-based
  • Product for professionals
  • Made in Germany


We recommend using the blue polishing pad for this procedure. Apply a sufficient quantity of PC5000 to the paint defect, surface or polishing pad. If you are using a low speed (c. 1,000 rpm) distribute evenly over the defect area, increase the speed to c. 1,800 rpm and polish using a light pressure to finish off.

NOTE: Always use a clean polishing pad to avoid unnecessary damage to surfaces. Safety data sheet is available on request.

Product Filling quantity in ml Art. Nr
HC 4000 Heavy Cut 750 ml ZV-ST00016025HC
HC 4000 Heavy Cut 250 ml ZV-ST00015020HC

Polishing pad (red/hard)