Medium Cut

MC 3000

MC 3000

To remove

Fine scratches

Application with

Polishpad (orange/medium)


One-step sanding/high gloss polish to remove fine scratches and marks from P3000 grit in one operation. Hologram free! The unique abrasive grain contained in the fine abrasive paste grinds continuously during processing so finely that, despite the high grinding performance, in only one polishing step, a perfect paint surface is achieved. Silicone and solvent-free. MC 3000 is fully suitable for all commercially available paint systems, including scratch-resistant paints.


For processing we recommend the orange polishing pad or lambskin. Apply sufficient amount of MC 3000 to the polishing pad or paint surface, spread at low speed (approx. 1.000 rpm) on the defect and apply approx. 1.800 rpm. and moderate pressure.


Always use a clean polishing pad to avoid unnecessary damage to surfaces. A safety data sheetis available on request.

Product Filling quantity in ml Art. Nr
MC 3000 Medium Cut 750 ml ZV-ST00016025MC
MC 3000 Medium Cut 250 ml ZV-ST00015020MC

Polishing pad (orange/medium)